Local Restaurants

Come and see why Newfoundland is known as ‘the Seafood Capital of the Atlantic’. In a land that lives by the sea, taste the freshest food the ocean provides.  Click each restaurant below to learn more.

Everything we do is homemade! From our delicious breads, to our soup, sandwiches and daily specials! Specialized desserts featuring the wild berries of The Dark Tickle Company. Great coffee, a large selection of tea, and specialty drinks made from our unique wild berries.

Tel: (709) 623-2354
75 Main Street
St. Lunaire-Griquet
Open mid-May thru September
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Tel: (709) 623-2220
Main Road
Gunners Cove, NL A0K 2X0
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Great take-out food, Always!  Drive just a few minutes south of St. Brendan’s Motel.  On the right.

Tel: (709) 623-2260
129 Main Street
St. Lunaire-Griquet
Open Year Round

Tel: (709) 623-2295
214 Main Street
Saint Lunaire-Griquet, NL
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Newfoundland - The Atlantic Seafood Capital

Mouth-watering lobster, cod, halibut, salmon, and trout. Mussels, scallops, and shrimp. This morning’s catch prepared for tonight’s dinner – it’s that fresh, and that’s what makes the difference. There is also a variety of fresh lake fish served at many Newfoundland restaurants.

If you are adventurous, sample a dish of ‘Cod Tongues’ – a Newfoundland delicacy. Or try ‘Fish & Brewis’ – made with fresh cod, bread-stuffing and pork ‘scrunchions’.

A culinary journey through Newfoundland and Labrador wouldn’t be complete without a sampling of wild game. Find moose, caribou, bear, and rabbit prepared in both traditional and innovative ways.